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Barotz Dental Now Offering $1,000 Off DENTAL IMPLANTS and select Cosmetic Procedures

Denver dentist Dr. Charles Barotz has been placing dental implants for more than 25 years and performs the entire procedure right here in our downtown Denver office.
Dental Implants provide
Structural Benefits
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Functional Benefits
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Health Benefits
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Aesthetic Benefits
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Advantages of Dental Implants

  • They help restore proper chewing function, allowing you to eat the foods you’ve always loved.
  • They prevent bone loss and jawbone shrinkage by “mimicking” the roots of natural teeth.
  • Fixed in place: implants do not move or loosen.
  • Implants are the most authentic replication of your natural teeth in terms of look, feel, and functionality.
  • No gooey, unpleasant adhesives.
  • No unsightly hooks or clasps that place damaging pressure on remaining natural teeth.
  • Elimination of gum pain and irritation.
  • Through Osseo integration (the fusing of bone to the titanium implant), they actually become part of your body.
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