Are Bad Dentures Ruining Your Life?

Barotz Dental | December 1, 2015

When it comes to dental care, the experts always recommend brushing, flossing and rinsing with an approved mouth wash on a regular basis. Nevertheless, chronic and serious dental health issues can still sometimes occur and, when they do, brushing and flossing are not legitimate solutions to the problem.
If you’ve lost or are losing teeth due to periodontal disease or tooth decay, there are a few options, but dentures are the most common and practical. When faced with the decision of whether or not to get dentures, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Once your decision is made, be sure that you have found a caring, qualified and reputable oral surgeon. Not all dental work is flawless, and bad dentures often lead to major problems.

Denture Care

First of all, even the  best dentures  require maintenance. A good dentist is ready and willing to check up on your dentures at each visit to ensure they haven’t shifted, chipped or broken and that they are not going to cause an infection.

Denture Care

According to the most experienced dentists, dentures should be relined every three to five years. Relining is essential because dentures can shift over time and, if not fitting well, they cause intense discomfort and can even lead to infected gum tissue. The ideal timing for when relining should take place can be determined by your family dentist and, in some cases, it is a procedure that can be performed at his or her office. If your dentist is not qualified to perform such oral surgical procedures, you may need to see a specialist.

Denture Replacement

Beyond the maintenance, dentures should eventually be replaced entirely. While the timeframe for this varies depending on a range of factors, experts recommend replacing dentures at least once a decade. After all, these are critical structures that sit in your gum tissue, one of the most sensitive parts of your body. When dentures are not replaced in a timely manner, the wear and tear can cause significant discomfort. Old and unmaintained dentures can also promote infection.
Without a doubt, one of the key factors in determining your oral health is your ability to practice consistent and quality oral hygiene. Your dentist plays a large role as well, as it is his or her job to identify any serious changes in your dental health.

Barotz Dental
By maintaining regular dental appointments with a qualified dentist, you can massively reduce the chances of developing complications with your dentures. At Barotz Dental, we work with dentures every day, helping people to lead comfortable, confident and happy lifestyles. We’re confident that we can help you with any dental issue you have, so pleasereach out to us today.