Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Charles Barotz of Denver, Colorado has been at the forefront of restorative dentistry for over 35 years. His patented techniques change patients lives for the better daily.
  • Life-changing restorative dentistry
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures
  • Transform your smile under one roof without being referred all around town
  • Because we offer Total Dental Solutions, you can achieve the results you want in a fraction of the time

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Life Changing, Restorative Dentistry In Denver, Colorado

Crowns & Bridges

There are times when more than a filling is required to repair a tooth. When a tooth is severely decayed, broken or missing, a crown may be what you need.

Over the last 36 years, Denver dentist Dr. Charles Barotz has crafted and placed thousands of dental crowns. Thanks to his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Barotz is able to craft extremely durable crowns that fit flawlessly, provide a comfortable bite, and color-match to the look of your natural teeth. Missing teeth can also be replaced with bridges, dentures or dental implants. All treatment options present advantages and disadvantages, depending on your current oral health and your budget.

With advanced training and extensive experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Barotz will evaluate your smile, teeth and gums to help you choose the most appropriate treatment option.

For some patients, fixed bridges or removable dentures, which often bring with them a number of new problems, are not the ideal solution to missing teeth.

Fixed bridges require the cutting down of adjacent healthy teeth, and removable dentures may lead to bone loss in the area where the tooth or teeth are missing. Recurrent decay, periodontal (gum) disease and other factors often doom fixed bridgework to early failure. For these reasons, fixed bridges and removable dentures usually need to be replaced every seven to 15 years, compared to an up to 25-year life span for dental implants.

Dr. Barotz has extensive training in implant dentistry, and has been performing the procedure for over 20 years. He also uses dental implants to work in conjunction with his Drop Dead Gorgeous implant-supported dentures. To learn more about dental implants, click here.
To learn more about each of these options, book a complimentary consultation and Dr. Barotz can screen your mouth to determine if a bridge, denture or dental implant is the right option for you.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a procedure that is done to save a badly damaged or infected tooth by removing the affected part of the tooth and nerve and then filling it. Having founded his practice in 1980, Dr. Barotz has been performing root canals in Denver, Colorado for over 35 years now. While no one looks forward to getting a root canal, Dr. Barotz’ extensive experience enables him to perform the procedure remarkably quick and with minimal pain so that you can return to a normal life free of pain.

What Symptoms Indicate the Need for a Root Canal?

  • Moderate to severe lingering toothache, which may worsen when exposed to hot or cold or lying down.
  • Toothache pain so intense it wakes you up at night.
  • Pain when chewing or biting.
  • Gum swelling, which may release blood or pus when pressed.
  • Pain that starts in one tooth and spreads to other regions of the jaw or head, e.g. an infected lower molar (back tooth) may cause you to feel pain in the ear!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Recognizing that his denture patients were not happy with a smile that appeared artificial, Dr. Barotz perfected a system by which he could ensure that every denture he places is beautiful, natural-looking, comfortable and functional. He calls these state of the art, handcrafted dentures "Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures."

“Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures appear more natural because they are designed and handcrafted especially to complement your personality, age, gender, facial shape, hair color, skin color and eye color. When you elect Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, we take special measures to make sure that your smile is truly drop dead gorgeous.”

—Dr. Charles Barotz

When you come to Barotz Dental for dentures, Dr. Barotz will partner with you every step of the way to make sure that you get exactly what you want in a new smile.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures offer more than just an attractive denture that will enhance your appearance. These dentures are designed to provide better chewing and biting than normal dentures. All of our Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures:

  • Feature individually hand-set teeth that provide a youthful, natural look
  • Are carefully matched in tooth size to the size of your face
  • Give you choices in tooth shape and color
  • Are compared to photos of you before you lost your teeth to make sure that your new smile is naturally your own.
  • Every Drop Dead Gorgeous Denture wearer enjoys the ability to flash an incredible smile, while having a denture that provides stability, optimized chewing and comfort.

Visit our office and see Dr. Barotz for a complimentary consultation to learn exactly how we can help you restore that beautiful, confident smile.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a process in which a composite resin matching your teeth (similar to tooth enamel) is applied to the tooth’s surface. Once applied, the composite resin is sculpted into cosmetic perfection, hardened, and then polished. This procedure usually takes one visit.

When Is Bonding Used?

  • Restoring slightly chipped teeth
  • Filling small cavities
  • Closing small spaces between teeth

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, visit our office and enjoy a complimentary consultation with Dr. Barotz. We’ll present you with all viable options and help you decide if dental bonding is the appropriate solution for your situation.

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