Dr. Barotz in the Media

Dr. Barotz in the Media

Dr. Barotz

When you’ve been at the forefront of dentistry for more than three decades, media appearances are certain to follow. When he became a dentist, Dr. Charles S. Barotz committed to learning a new skill, technique or procedure every six months so that he could provide Total Dental Solutions for the people of Denver. He was the first dentist in the state of Colorado to offer porcelain veneers. Dr. Barotz was among the first in the country to offer LANAP laser gum therapy for correcting gum disease and Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation for gum recession. In addition to clinical excellence, Dr. Barotz and his team study famous international brands like Starbucks, Nordstrom and Ritz-Carlton so that he and his team can incorporate their five star service practices into Barotz Dental’s patient care protocol.

As an expert in his field, Dr. Barotz imparts his knowledge and unique perspective via various media. He is a bestselling author, has produced a DVD about his Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, and has been featured in various newspaper and magazine publications. Dr. Barotz has also made dozens of television appearances. See below for yourself!

Dr. Barotz in Print Media

While he has contributed to and been featured in various publications, Dr. Barotz, a bestselling author, has written two books of his own:

Literature by Dr. Barotz

​​​​​The Patient Centered Dental Practice, Published 2011

Incorporating the philosophical with the practical, The Patient-Centered Dental Practice shows up-and-coming dentists, as well as established dentists who may be “plateauing” rather than “peaking,” how to become what the author calls “Super Dentists.”
Available online at Amazon.com

book by Dr. Barotz

​​​​​The Power of a Beautiful Smile, Published 2014

In 2014, Dr. Barotz became a bestselling author thanks to The Power of a Beautiful Smile. In this book, Dr. Barotz, a practitioner of exquisite cosmetic dentistry in Denver, Colorado, reveals how today’s advances in dentistry can amazingly transform anyone’s teeth into a radiantly beautiful smile that will empower your success, confidence, and quite literally — change your life. This bestseller is available online at Barnes and Noble.

​​​​​​​In addition to his own books, Dr. Barotz has been featured in several print publications, and not just dental specific publications!

Dr. Barotz on Dentistry Today
In 2002, Dr. Barotz was featured in Dentistry Today’s “New Trends in Dental Computing” story.
Headache cure by Dr. Barotz

In 2013, Dr. Barotz and the Denver Headache Center, also located in downtown Denver, were featured in HerLife Magazine.

In 2016, Dr. Barotz was featured in two different Denver Life Magazine issues.

Barotz on newspaper

In April of 2016, Denver Life introduced its readers to Denver’s Super Dentist.

Denver life Dr. Barotz

In October of 2016, Denver Life featured Dr. Barotz in a piece on Cosmetic Dentistry.

Rocky mountain news Dr. Barotz

In 2002, Dr. Barotz was featured on the cover of the Denver Post Business section.

Denver Post Barotz

In 2002, Dr. Barotz was featured on the cover of the Denver Post Business section.

The full articles themselves can be found online. The Rocky Mountain News article can be read in its entirety here while the Denver Post article can be read here.


Dr. Barotz on TV

Dr. Barotz has made a handful of appearances on Colorado & Company, a popular morning program in Denver, Colorado.

Colorado & Company, March of 2014:

Dr. Barotz explains how Barotz Dental provides “Quality Quickly”

Colorado & Company, July of 2014:
Dr. Barotz introduces his new book The Power of a Beautiful Smile
Colorado's Best, September of 2016:​​​​​​​
Dr. Barotz Discusses Revolutionary Advancements in Dentistry

In addition to Colorado & Company, Dr. Barotz has appeared multiple times on a different local program, Haystack.

​​​​​​​Haystack, April of 2013:

Dr. Barotz discusses the benefits of implant supported dentures.

Haystack, June of 2013:
Dr. Barotz explains why SuperFast Invisalign is superior to ordinary Invisalign.

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