Barotz Dental Helps Decrease Hunger in the Community By Giving Away Dental Services to Locals

Barotz Dental | July 9, 2014

Cosmetic dentist in Denver Dr. Charles Barotz is giving over $200 worth of free dental services to local resident in order to bring dental awareness to the community and at the same time he is helping a local food bank.
The New York Times has published an article how Americans are delaying health treatments even if they have been insured. The reason behind is an economic reason: many insured could not afford the co-payments.
Dr. Barotz, who has been practicing in the Denver area for many years, knows that this delay of treatments usually causes bigger health problems. For example gum diseases could cause weakened immune problems, leading to heart, lung and liver diseases. Even pregnant mothers could have still-born or premature babies due to periodontal diseases.
At the same time, how could a person see a dentist if he or she could not even afford three square meals a day?
Dr Barotz explained, “It is a growing problem, food demands at the local food pantries have tripled and yet food donations have drastically decreased.”
Dr Barotz felt he needed to do something when he read an article on CNN about how 1 out of 6 Americans is going hungry.
“Among the hungry in America are 47 million children. This is not acceptable.” Dr Charles Barotz remarked. 
He came out with an idea to help in both areas: help Americans with dental care and also assist the local food banks.
As an author of the healthcare book “The Power of a Beautiful Smile”, he has always wanted more people to improve their dental IQ by reading and finding out how easy it is to maintain good dental health and how a beautiful dental smile can change your life.
Thus, he thought of getting the public to acquire two copies of his book from Barnes and Nobles bookstores, and he would donate all proceeds of the book to “Food Bank of the Rockies.”
To reward those who have participated in the campaign, he will give away over $200 worth of free dentistry to each individual who has helped.
“I called this a win-win-win situation,” smiled Dr Barotz. “I could get the public to read about dental health and help the Hungry families and get people to actually do their dental treatments at the same time!”
The campaign spearheaded by Dr. Barotz to benefit people in need of health care as well as the local food bank will happen on exactly June 26th 2014 Thursday. Two copies of the book need to be purchased online on Barnes and Nobles on exactly June 26th and dental appointments will be scheduled after July 1st.
“In a troubled economy that affects many Americans, the spirit of giving to others is needed more than ever. The more people who know about this effort, the more needy families can receive aid.” Dr. Barotz concluded.
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