Scientists Look Towards Viruses to Eliminate Harmful Bacteria

Barotz Dental | February 27, 2015

Harmful bacterium which are synonymous with starting infections in the mouth after dental procedures have been a long time problem in the field of dentistry. The use of modern medicine and antibiotics have been able to hinder or slow down these bacteria. However, with the rise of super bugs, researchers are looking into other ways of eliminating harmful bacteria. One such avenue is the revival of a very old idea that was once brushed aside when antibiotics came out and became successful. That avenue is using viruses to eradicate the harmful bacteria.

In this study, scientists experimented with a particular bacteria (E. faecalis) that is known for causing infections in the mouth after dental procedures. The research team tried using different viruses to combat the bacteria, and found one to be very successful. To make things more interesting, this virus they used was found in the Jerusalem sewer system. While that is disgusting, if it means an effective defense against E. faecalis, then it’s worth it. To read this full article, follow the link below!