Four Questions to Ask Before Having Your Teeth Pulled

Four Questions to Ask Before Having Your Teeth Pulled

Barotz Dental | August 16, 2013

1. Would saving my teeth be better than pulling them?
If your teeth can be saved, why wouldn’t you? There are several great options to replace teeth if you have them  extracted, but they should be a last resort when the tooth  can’t be saved. Nothing is as good as your natural teeth. With Laser Gum Therapy, it is possible to save teeth that  might have had to be pulled. The removal of bacteria allows  the body to heal naturally, so the gum pockets improve and  the teeth become more stable.

2. If my teeth can’t be saved, would I be better off having dentures or implants?
Whether you choose dentures or implants, you can have  a Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile. Teeth play a vital role in  defining who you are. They give each face a unique identity,  just as the eyes and nose make each face distinctive. Your natural teeth were unique in size, shape arrangement  and in the support they gave your lips and cheeks. The  closer we can get the artificial teeth to how your natural  teeth were, the more you look and feel like your old self.

Dentures are a great option when you have had  or need to have all or most of your teeth pulled. Dr. Charles Barotz can customize your dentures for you.  “As a replacement for no teeth, dentures have always been  conspicuously artificial in appearance,” says Dr. Barotz. “Our  customization process provides a smile that is so incredibly natural that no one will know you are wearing dentures.”

In dentures, excellence goes unnoticed. That’s a good thing.
The aesthetics of crafting your dentures should not be trusted to just any dentist – your smile and the way you look are too important.

At Barotz Dental we will:

• Match the tooth size to the shape of your  face
• Hand-set each tooth as close as possible to  where your natural teeth were to give you  that youthful, natural look
• Give you choices in tooth shape and color.  We ask for photos of you before you lost your teeth. This aids in matching  size, shape, and placement. We also spend time with you to ensure that your  personality is reflected in your smile.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures are designed to provide better chewing and biting than normal  dentures. It is important that your denture provides stability, optimal chewing efficiency and  comfort.

Implants are a great option for replacing one or more individual teeth. They can also be used  to lock a denture in place.
Dental implants:
• Don’t move or loosen
• Are the closest thing to the look, feel and  function of natural teeth
• Require no gooey adhesive
• Use no unsightly hooks or clasps to place  damaging pressure on the remaining  natural teeth
• Help stop bone loss and jawbone shrinkage  by “mimicking” the roots of natural teeth
• Actually become a part of your body,  through osseointegration (the fusing of bone to the titanium implant)
• Eliminate irritated or painful gums

In general, anyone who is healthy enough to undergo a routine tooth extraction or oral surgery is probably a good candidate for dental implants. Because age is not a factor, anyone missing one or more teeth can consider implants. Osteoporosis isn’t a factor, either, provided there is sufficient bone in which to anchor an implant. In that situation, bone grafts are a possible option. Individuals with certain chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes), or heavy smokers and alcohol abusers  may not be good candidates for dental implants.

3. What is the cost for my best option?
At Barotz Dental, you will be given several options and cost differences for your dental treatment. The best option can only be determined by being seen by Dr. Barotz.

4. How can I get more information?
If you are looking for a dentist that knows and deals with the special dental needs of adults, give us a call for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Barotz will discuss your concerns and address any questions you might have, and give you the information you need to make a well informed decision. Call us today!