Gums In, Gums Out, Gums Up, Gums Down

Barotz Dental | June 15, 2016
Gums In, Gums Out, Gums Up, Gums Down

Last Friday was Gumday at Barotz Dental. After 36 years of serving greater Denver, the Mile High City is fairly familiar with Dr. Charles Barotz’ ability to provide quality, comprehensive dentistry all under one roof. We strive to set the standard of excellence in dentistry and, in an effort to preserve time out of our busy patients’ day, we do this in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. When we think dentistry, most of us tend to think of teeth, but rarely do we think or talk about gums. The fact is, gums are incredibly vital to the state of your oral health and beauty. Sometimes they can take a turn for the worse when oral hygiene becomes a lower priority (as can so often happen with many of us).1048 x 525

Regardless of what problems you may be having with your gums, we are eager to help, and there is no better example of our ability to do this than last Friday (6/10). As described by Dr. Barotz himself, “Gumday was gums up, gums down, gums in & gums out.” He elaborated: “We started the day performing a cosmetic gum lift to make short teeth look longer. We also moved the gums in on this patient. My next patient had her gums moved down using the pinhole surgical technique to correct a severe case of gum recession. We also built her gums outward for fullness. In the end, wherever you need your gums to go, be it up, down, in or out, we can help you.”


It’s amazing what can be accomplished in dentistry today.

Are you concerned about your gums? Would you like to rejuvenate, reposition or repair your gums in any way? Give Barotz Dental a call today and learn how our Total Dental Solutions can help you achieve your oral health goals.