HerLife Ask The Expert – Dental Cosmetics

HerLife Ask The Expert – Dental Cosmetics

Barotz Dental | October 6, 2014

What's Important When Deciding On Dental Cosmetics?

Q: Can a bad smile affect how others view you?

A: All kinds of judgments are made about peoplebased on their smiles—intelligence, capability and overall health. These conclusions that others draw can further affect our career, love life, and greatly impact our feeling of self-worth. Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry can improve smiles and lives in amazing ways; it truly is phenomenal.

Q: Why do most people need cosmetic dentistry?

A: Sadly, dental or gum disease is the number one reason people need cosmetic dentistry. Other reasons relate more to the individual, but the most common of these is to improve the color and shape of the teeth. People really like white teeth, especially in this country. Straight white teeth make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger.

Q: I used to have a nice smile but it has changed over the last few years. Can cosmetic dentistry help me?

A: A lot of cosmetic dentistry is related to gum disease and tooth decay. If your teeth have moved recently, that’s a sign you may have gum (periodontal) disease. Simply getting your mouth healthy can often give you the cosmetic changes or improvements you’re looking for.

Q: So who needs cosmetic dentistry?

A: Anybody who is not happy with the appearance of their smile. As stated, people with gum or dental disease are the most common to receive cosmetic dentistry. However, missing or crooked teeth can also be motivation for someone, as these conditions will also lead to negative judgments about a person based on their smile.

Q: How do you choose a good cosmetic dentist?

A: With the use of modern technology, a good cosmetic dentist can show you in advance what your smile will look like. Can the dentist show you a representation of your smile after the cosmetics are complete, through computer imaging? You should also be able to preview the results in your mouth prior to completion of the treatment with the use of finely crafted prototype restorations. These are actually temporaries, which have been fabricated to provide a guide to you, the doctor and the laboratory as to exactly what the finished product should look like. Can the dentist also show you before and after pictures of actual patients he or she has completed?

Q: Are dentures considered cosmetic dentistry?

A: Dentures are actually the granddaddy of all cosmetic procedures. In the 1920s and 1930s, Hollywood actors would have their teeth pulled and have dentures fabricated to improve their smile. Sadly, many dentists view dentures as cheap replacements for teeth. It is, however, quite possible to use dentures for those who need them to provide a drop-dead-gorgeous smile.

Q: How can I learn more about cosmetic dentistry?

A: To learn more about cosmetic dentistry visit DenverDentist.com or call 303-309-0679 to schedule a complimentary consultation including smile imaging with Dr. Barotz.

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