LANAP Laser Gum Surgery – the non-cut, non-stitch approach to periodontal disease

LANAP Laser Gum Surgery – the non-cut, non-stitch approach to periodontal disease

Barotz Dental | April 15, 2014

A new gum disease treatment option is now being offered with the use of laser gum therapy through Dr. Charles Barotz. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is laser gum therapy that offers advantages over traditional options used to treat periodontal disease. This new gum disease treatment uses a laser to target gum disease while stimulating the bone and leaving healthy gum tissue intact.

Dr. Barotz begins the procedure by measuring the depth of the patient’s gum pockets. Next, Dr. Barotz uses the Periolase MVP-7 laser to remove bacteria and gum disease. The laser has no effect on teeth or on healthy gum tissue, reducing gum recession and other negative side effects of surgery. Loss of gum tissue can increase the risk of disease or further loss of teeth. By saving gum tissue and teeth, LANAP can help prevent other complications in the future.

Once Dr. Barotz has removed the bacteria and gum disease, he continues the procedure by removing any tartar with a special tool. Finally, he uses the laser to sterilize and seal the gum pocket. The procedure is finished without the cutting, folding, and stitching that are standard in traditional gum surgeries. This means that patients have a minimal risk for bleeding, infection, or other complications that might cause a slow and uncomfortable recovery. The Periolase MVP-7 also offers patients one more benefit by stimulating the bone. This can be crucial to promoting growth and regeneration, and has the potential to save teeth that would have otherwise been lost due to gum disease.

For some patients, LANAP is sufficient to stop gum disease and the loss of teeth. For patients who have already lost teeth or suffered other long-term effects of gum disease, LANAP can still improve the likelihood of other treatments, such as dental implants, being successful.

Patients who have been hesitant or unable to seek traditional gum disease treatment can protect their teeth and oral health with laser gum therapy from Dr. Barotz. For more information about LANAP and how it can successfully treat a person’s periodontal disease, contact our office at 303-595-4994 or at visit our website.