Patient Interview With Rhonda

Patient Interview With Rhonda

Barotz Dental | April 25, 2013
Patient Interview With Rhonda

ImageRhonda came to us in 2012, unhappy and embarrassed with the appearance of her smile. We developed an extensive cosmetic treatment plan and gave her a beautiful Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile. Rhonda shares her overall experience at Barotz Dental….

Why did you choose Barotz Dental to address your cosmetic dental concerns?
I used to work downtown and would always see the sign on the building for Barotz Dental. Years later, after researching the practice I made the choice to just pick up the
phone and call!

How would you describe the atmosphere at Barotz Dental?
Very modern and comfortable. I am greeted with a warm welcome at every visit.

How would you describe the staff ?
The staff is always great, both in the front and back. I feel like family when I’m there – Cheryl’s eyes were filled with tears of joy at the completion of my treatment. Dr Barotz was spectacular and to this day I still remember one of the first things he said to me at my consultation. Already feeling very nervous and embarrassed, he told me ‘We don’t care about the past…we care about right now and moving forward.’

What made your experience at Barotz Dental different from past experiences at other offices?
The staff at Barotz Dental made me feel okay about myself, even though my teeth were in terrible condition.Throughout my entire treatment, they were so personal and made me feel comfortable and less embarrassed. I often speak publicly and Barotz Dental provided me with the confidence to do so and changed everything in my life. I am forever grateful!

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