What Could We Have Done Better?

What Could We Have Done Better?

Barotz Dental | March 17 2016
What Could We Have Done Better?

It’s no mystery. We love our patients. Every day we ask, “How can I make you smile?” But so often it happens the other way around when our patients are the ones that make us smile! We take pride in providing the finest dentistry and care available because there is nothing more vital to this practice than quality. Quality of service, quality of comfort, quality of the experience, and of course, quality of treatment. As such, we are constantly asking patients, “What did we do well?” and, “What could we do better?” It is this feedback that helps us grow individually as professionals and collectively as a team. We are grateful to every patient that takes the time out of their busy day to share their Barotz Dental experience with the world. One of the Barotz Dental mantras is Quality Quickly. We provide comprehensive dental care under one roof, Total Dental Solutions, because we recognize that time is the single most valuable commodity in this world we live in. With this in mind, we recognize and thank every single patient that has gone online and posted a review about the practice. We do read these, and we take them to heart. Do you have any thoughts about a visit to Barotz Dental that you would like to share with the world? You can find us on GoogleYelp, HealthGradesFacebook and even Rate-A-Biz!


Our Google Rating. We thank you all for the kind words.


Our ratings from HealthGrades.com (left) and Rate-A-Biz (right).

At Barotz Dental, we treat everyone that walks through our door as we would a guest at our own home. Therefore, each one of our patients and their guests are like family to us. This approach helps us to establish an identity that is consistent with the core values of Barotz Dental and build extraordinary relationships with our patients. These relationships extend far beyond the birthday wishes and the monthly newsletter we send out. When appropriate, we provide transportation and hotel arrangements for patients. We’ve invited others to Avalanche games at the Pepsi Center and every member of our family will be invited to our patient party later this spring. Of course, it’s a two way street. In the last few weeks alone, our patients have treated us to lunch, Starbucks and a homemade pie! Simply put, patients here are so much more than just patients, they’re family.


Nothing makes us happier than changing a patient’s life for the better. If you’ve come to Barotz Dental in the past and enjoyed your experience, then likewise, we enjoyed the experience on our end as well, and would love to work with more people just like you. Maybe a friend or a loved one could benefit from our services to the degree that you did, which is exactly why we offer a special reward for all patient referrals:


 In life, many people say that family comes first. At Barotz Dental, we are no different, and our patient family is the single most important part of our practice. For those who’ve joined the family, we are so happy to have you. For those who have not, we simply ask, “How can we make you smile today?”


When you’re here, you’re family.