What is LANAP?

Barotz Dental | August 19, 2015
What is LANAP?

Gum disease is a silent, often-painless condition that can affect your health in many ways. Luckily with the advancement of technology we are now able to offset the effects of gum disease without the need for cutting or sewing.

LANAP, or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a minimally-invasive patient treatment available at Barotz Dental. Using a laser roughly 3 hairs in thickness, we are able to restore teeth to a pre-diseased state. The laser dissolves diseased tissue that causes tooth decay. Once the diseased tissue has been removed, an ultrasonic cleaner about the same size as the laser is used to remove tartar and calculus from the root of the tooth.

A visual of the LANAP process

The laser is then used again to remove additional diseased tissue. This pass sterilizes the tissue and bone and stimulates the formation of a blood clot. The blood clot will reattach the tissue to the tooth’s surface and cause lost tissue to grow back. LANAP turns a degenerative process into a regenerative process, and can save otherwise healthy teeth from needing to be removed.

If a dentist tells you that your teeth need to be pulled, make sure to ask for a second opinion. LANAP may be right for you.