Candidacy for Sedation Dentistry

Candidacy for Sedation Dentistry

Barotz Dental | December 19, 2018
Candidacy for Sedation Dentistry

It might seem like you are the only person who doesn’t enjoy going to the dentist, but many patients range in their anxiety about visiting a dentist’s office. In fact, many people don’t visit the dentist at all unless their issues have become so severe that they cannot function normally without visiting a dentist to correct their problem.

Many dental offices are now offering sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is not a single treatment option for everybody and ranges in the levels depending on the procedure, or a person’s discomfort with the visit.

It is good to understand more about sedation dentistry, the benefits, and the limitations. If you are more educated about the process, it helps you and our dentist identify if you are a good candidate.

Understanding Yourself

It is important to understand why you feel anxiety about the dentist. The reasons vary greatly from patient to patient, so being able to talk to our dentist about what you are concerned about and why is very important.

Some patients have a perception about the dentist that has been founded in unrealistic expectations or stigmas that they saw on tv or read in a book. While these visions may have been true for historical dentistry, the modern practice is a much different place.

There may be a traumatic experience in the past that is related to a dentist visit. Many adults still remember a bad dental visit from when they were kids. This single visit continues to negatively affect their outlook on modern dentistry. If this is the case, talk to our dentist so they can understand what happened, and how they will make sure that your next experience is different.

Other patients have an underlying condition or disorder that may influence their ability to make their regularly scheduled appointments. While some patients have found success visiting with a psychologist, other people find that sedation dentistry is their best option.

Understanding Sedation

There are several different types of sedation dentistry that vary in the levels of sedation.

·         Laughing Gas – Nitrous oxide is a common gas that helps to give patients a relaxed sensation, but they remain conscious. The medication takes effect and wears off very quickly but may result in some inability to recall details about your experience.

·         Oral Medication – These medications are used to help patients relax. They are taken before the appointment, and they cannot drive to or from the office. Patients remain awake during this method.

·         Conscious Sedation – Patients are given an IV medication that may induce a light sleep, but they can still respond to verbal commands.

·         General Anesthesia – This approach is done in a hospital or clinic setting. Patients are completely sedated and will not remember their procedure.

Candidates for Sedation

Because the levels of medication and the styles vary widely, different patients may be good candidates for one therapy but not for another. You should visit with our dentist, so they can review your case and help you with the best treatment for you. There are some general guidelines that you can follow to see if sedation dentistry is a good option for you.

·         People should consider dental sedation if they have:

·         Chronic jaw pain

·         Issues with the effectiveness of local numbing agents

·         ADHD or inability to sit still

·         A strong gag reflex

·         Physical issues with fully opening their mouth or staying in certain positions

·         A desire to be relaxed while at their dental appointment

Some patients may be limited by dental sedation in certain situations. There can be adverse reactions when combined with certain medications, so be sure to discuss all your current medications with our dentist. Our dentist should also review your complete medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry.


If you are apprehensive about a visit to our dentist’s office, call and discuss your concerns. They can help to reduce your level of fear and explain the options that you have available from them. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.