How to use Invisalign Aligners

Barotz Dental |
  • You will be given between 2 and 4 sets of Invisalign aligners at a time.  Wear each set (upper and lower) of aligners for 2 weeks per set.
  • Wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day.  You must sleep in them too! 
  • You should only remove them when you are eating and doing home care (brushing and flossing). 
  • When cleaning your Invisalign aligners, prepare a small glass or cup of warm water (not too hot or it will distort the aligners).  Drop in 1 tablet of “Retainer Brite”.  Immerse your aligners into the bubbly blue solution and wait about 15-20 minutes for the blue color to clear.  Remove and rinse aligners thoroughly with warm water.  While you are brushing your teeth in the morning is the perfect time to clean your aligners
  • Be sure to keep the previous set of aligners from the new set you are currently wearing.  In the event that the aligners are lost or misplaced, you can wear the previous set to hold your teeth in place.  Call our office immediately to replace any lost aligners.   (There is a $50 charge for each replacement aligner.)
  • If an attachment gets dislodged for any reason, please call the office so that it may be replaced for you. 
  • If your aligners were to get mixed up and you can’t tell the difference between the upper, lower or the number of aligner you are currently wearing, the aligners are labeled. In grey type, towards the back of the aligners, the upper has a “U”, and the lowers have an “L”. Example: If you are wearing aligner 6 on the upper, the aligner would be labeled “U 06”.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the wear, care and use of your aligners, we are happy to assist you either by phone or in our office.