Four Questions to Ask If You Are Afraid of the Dentist…

Four Questions to Ask If You Are Afraid of the Dentist…

Barotz Dental | June 3, 2013

1. What is No Fear Sleep Dentistry?
At Barotz Dental, we understand that the dental chair is not a fun place to be. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry to help people who suffer from anxiety and fear of the dentist. By opting for sedation dentistry, our patients can get the dental treatment they need while being much more relaxed.
No Fear Sleep Dentistry may be a good option if you:

• Have dental anxiety or fear
• Are afraid of needles
• Have anxiety about the pain associated with treatment
• Had bad dental experiences in the past
• Have a lot of treatment to do or treatment that will take several hours
• Have difficulty getting numb
• Want a pain-free, anxiety-free experience

2. What types of sedation are available?
There are three types of Sleep Dentistry that we provide: Inhalation Consciousness Sedation, Oral Sedation, and IV Sedation. As with any treatment option, there are advantages and disadvantages with each choice.

Inhalation Consciousness Sedation is the most frequently used sedation method in dentistry and is acquired by using nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”. A mask is placed over the patient’s nose as they continue to breathe normally through their nose. The patient will feel light-headed and often fall asleep.
• Great for mild anxiety
• Takes effect quickly
• Minimal side effects
• Patients recover quickly and can drive themselves home from the appointment
• May not be strong enough for high anxiety patients
• The nose mask is uncomfortable for some

Oral Sedation is achieved by swallowing a pill. The patient will feel calm, relaxed, and oftentimes, “loopy” and may fall asleep. Some degree of amnesia is common.
• All you have to do is swallow a pill
• No needles involved
• Sedation level is harder to change than inhalation or IV sedation
• The effect is not immediate
• The patient must have someone pick them up from the appointment

IV Sedation requires specialized training and certification to administer. With IV Sedation, sedative drugs are administered directly into the bloodstream using a needle, and takes effect almost immediately.
• Takes effect immediately
• Doctor can easily add more if needed
Requires a needle

 3. How can I be sure it’s safe?
Dr. Charles Barotz is knowledgable and experienced in sedation dentistry so he can help choose the type that best benefits each individual patient, in order that you have a comfortable, safe, and relaxing dental experience. Talk to Dr. Barotz during your exam or consultation to find out what’s best for you.

4. Can I get a consultation?
We offer complimentary, get-acquainted consultations where Dr. Barotz can discuss your specific concerns.
A beautiful, healthy smile can make a difference in your confidence and self-esteem. We emphasize dentistry in a personalized and comfortable adult setting. We have been a pioneer in enhancing smiles and changing lives since 1980.

Don’t let fear stop you from getting the healthy smile you deserve.
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