Implant Dentistry Impacting Dental Diagnoses?

Implant Dentistry Impacting Dental Diagnoses?

Barotz Dental | June 30, 2017
Implant Dentistry Impacting Dental Diagnoses?
At Barotz Dental, we see it on a near weekly basis: a patient visits our office for a complimentary second opinion consultation with Dr. Barotz after another doctor has recommended they have all their teeth pulled. In some cases, we find the previous doctor’s diagnosis to be correct, and determine that the teeth are not saveable. However, more often than not when seeing a new patient for a second opinion, their teeth are saveable.

Dr. Barotz is often surprised at how quick some dentists are to recommend pulling teeth in favor implants saying, “When I was in dental school, they trained me to save teeth!” At Barotz Dental, it is always our goal to help you save as many of your natural teeth as possible while also helping you achieve the smile you deserve.

Why is it that so many dentists are recommending dental implants before attempting to save salvageable teeth? This article shared by the Institute for Advanced Laser Therapysheds some light on possible answers to that question.

Even though some dentists are too quick to recommend implants in favor of salvageable natural teeth, implants still play an integral role in many treatment plans. As Dr. Gregg says in the article mentioned above: “The most desirable thing that I want for my patients and myself is to retain natural tissues and parts of my body all our lives. If there’s no other option, then I’ll recommend implant placement without hesitation.”

Dr. Barotz once helped a patient save her teeth after five other doctors had told her she would have to have all of her teeth pulled. See the uplifting story for yourself here.

It has been our mission since 1980 to provide a dental experience that is both personalized & comfortable. While we take great pride in helping patients save teeth that other dentists said they would have to lose, we have helped hundreds restore the smile of their dreams thanks to implant dentistry. The bottom line is that opting for dental implants is a major physical, emotional and financial decision in life. If you are considering dental implants, or have been told that you will need to have your teeth pulled, Dr. Barotz urges you to seek a second opinion. Barotz Dental offers complimentary second opinion consultationsfor this exact reason. Please call us and arrange your consultation today.