Patient Interview With Grace

Patient Interview With Grace

Barotz Dental | June 13, 2013
Patient Interview With Grace

Grace came to us in March 2013 with multiple cosmetic concerns. Let her share her experience at Barotz Dental…

How would you describe the atmosphere at Barotz Dentalcompared to other dental offices?
The level of professionalism displayed throughout the office. It’s very calm and welcoming and the entire staff was really caring and informative.. One time I was leaving my appointment and was very hungry. Dr. Barotz gave me an orange juice and an Ensure to hold me over until I got home, so he does take care of his patients.

Coming into the practice, what didn’t you like about your smile?
I had missing teeth. The teeth that I did have were crooked and ugly, I felt people got the wrong impression of me.

How were these concerns addressed?
Dr. Barotz made me feel very confident and comfortable and I left the office respecting both him and the entire staff. I trusted him and his custom treatment plan that he presented to me.

How did you feel about your concerns both before coming into the practice and at the end of your treatment?
My biggest concerns were would he be able to help me? Is this actually going to happen? Is this going to be pain-free? Everything was fine  – there were no problems and no pain associated with my treatment.


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