Want Natural Looking Dentures?

Want Natural Looking Dentures?

Barotz Dental | February 12, 2014

Dr. Charles Barotz of Denver, Colorado takes a very special approach to dentures: he considers each patient who needs dentures as cosmetic patient, and he has developed his own system which he calls “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures.” His goal is to provide you with comfortable, exquisite dentures that enhance your face, your smile and your confidence.

Recognizing that his patients who needed dentures were not happy with teeth that looked artificial, Dr. Barotz perfected a system by which he could make sure that the dentures he placed were beautiful and natural-looking as well as comfortable and functional. He calls these “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures.” “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures appear more natural because they are designed and handcrafted especially to complement your personality, age, sex, and physical appearance. When you elect to have Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, we take special measures to make sure that your smile is absolutely incredible,” says Dr. Barotz.

When you come to Dr. Barotz for dentures, he will partner with you every step of the way to make sure that you receive the exact smile makeover that you are looking for.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures offer more than just an attractive denture that will enhance your appearance. These dentures are also designed to provide better chewing and biting than normal dentures. All of our Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures:

  • Feature teeth that are individually hand-set to give you that youthful, natural look

  • Are matched in tooth size to the size of your face

  • Give you choices in tooth shape and color

  • Are compared to photos of you before you lost your teeth to make sure that your new smile is naturally your own.

Every Drop Dead Gorgeous Denture wearer enjoys the ability to flash an incredible smile, while having a denture that provides stability, optimal chewing efficiency, and comfort.

Come in and see Dr. Barotz for a Complimentary Consultation, and find out exactly how you can have a beautiful, confident smile.

In order to give you a Drop Dead Gorgeous smile, Dr. Barotz will take the time and care to craft your dentures individually, and to make sure that you are happy with the size, shape, color and fit of your new teeth.

As part of our procedures, you can expect that we will:

    • Match the tooth size to the size of your face. All too often, artificial teeth can look exactly that — artificial. Off the shelf teeth could be too large for your face, or too small. Either way, they call attention to themselves and don’t look right. At Barotz dental, we make sure that your new teeth fit your face, perfectly.

    • We give you choices in tooth shape and color. No one knows your mouth and your teeth like you do. For each tooth, you’ll have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Whether you want to replicate your old smile or enhance it in your new one, we’ll help you choose teeth that will be uniquely right for you.

    • We spend time with you to get to know you. Your distinct personality should be reflected in your smile. You’ll want to look and feel like yourself when you smile, and that’s exactly what we want, too.

    • We ask for photos of you before you lost your teeth. It’s important to us that when you smile, you look like you. By looking at your photos, we can be sure to match size, shape and placement of your new teeth.

    • We hand-set each tooth. For most dentures, the teeth are placed in the lab, not by a dentist who can look at you in his office, and who knows your teeth and your smile well. Here, Dr. Barotz will hand-set each of your new teeth, making sure to get each one as closely as possible to where your natural teeth were. Your new teeth will look and feel natural.

    • If possible, we utilize pre-extraction dental records to aid in tooth placement.

    • We make sure that your dentures are secure. Dr. Barotz and his team are experienced in the most advanced techniques available to secure your dentures and keep them comfortable.

      If you qualify, we can secure your dentures using dental implants or mini-implants, procedures that Dr. Barotz will perform completely right here in the comfort of our office.