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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Doing Nothing Could be Deadly

More than 2.7 million people across Colorado are not getting enough sleep, and people suffering from sleep apnea are 3x’s more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash. Unfortunately, these accidents almost always involve innocent victims. In addition, insufficient sleep makes you 23x’s more likely to suffer a heart attack, and life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, stroke and obesity have been directly linked to sleep apnea. It is serious. Sleep apnea can kill you, and there is no time to waste. It is time to learn how to sleep soundly.

You Do Have Proven Options

Once diagnosed, sleep apnea can be treated quite effectively. Mild to moderate cases can almost always be solved without expensive and painful surgeries or the use of cumbersome CPAP machines. In fact, oral appliances made by specially-trained dentists have the highest rate of success. This treatment option is low cost, convenient and comfortable. Best of all, oral appliances can often be used in conjunction with a CPAP machine to manage even severe cases of sleep apnea. A free consultation is the first step in understanding your options.

Our Team of Experts is Waiting

As with any profession, it takes time, dedication and training to be the best. At Mile High Sleep Center, we are honored to be able to offer our patients a world-class team of sleep experts. Led by Dr. Charles Barotz, we work with doctors and dentists from across Colorado who specialize in the testing, evaluation and treatment of sleep-deprived patients. We have successfully treated thousands of dental patients, and our team of talented professionals is waiting to help you get a good night’s sleep. Read More about Dr. Barotz