Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

charles barotz
An award winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Barotz has helped thousands recover their beautiful natural smile with his Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures.

What are Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures?

Recognizing that his patients who needed dentures were not happy with teeth that looked artificial, Dr. Barotz perfected a system by which he could ensure the dentures he provides are beautiful and natural-looking as well as comfortable and functional. He calls these "Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures."

“Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures appear more natural because they are designed and handcrafted especially to complement your personality, age, gender, and physical appearance. When you elect to have Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, we take special measures to make sure that your smile is absolutely incredible.”—Dr. Charles Barotz

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Beautiful Teeth that Look and Feel like your Own

Dr. Charles Barotz takes a very special approach to dentures: he treats each patient considering dentures to be a cosmetic patient, and has developed a special system which he calls "Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures." His goal is to provide you with comfortable, exquisite dentures that enhance your face, your smile and your confidence.

Hand-Crafted Dentures for a Beautiful Smile

When you choose Barotz Dental’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, Dr. Barotz will partner with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the smile makeover of your dreams. Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures offer more than just an attractive denture that will enhance your appearance. These dentures are designed for optimal functionality, and provide better chewing and biting than normal dentures. All Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures:

  • Feature teeth that are individually hand-set to give you a youthful, natural look
  • Are matched in tooth size to the size of your face
  • Give you choices in tooth shape and color
  • Are compared to photos of you before tooth loss to ensure that your new smile is as natural as possible

Every Drop Dead Gorgeous Denture wearer is able to flash an incredible smile while enjoying a denture that provides stability, optimal chewing efficiency, and comfort.

Barotz with dentures
Dr. Barotz has been perfecting his Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures for over 36 years now.

Advantages of Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Natural in appearance

"Typically, dentures are a replacement for no teeth, not for teeth, and have always been conspicuously artificial in appearance. But with Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, they are so incredibly natural that even I can't tell."

—Dr. Charles Barotz

Look and Feel like Yourself

Barotz Dental’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures are exquisitely matched to your face, complexion, eye color and hair color. Quite simply, our goal is to create natural looking dentures for you that make you look and feel like yourself again.

Teeth play a vital role in defining who you are. They give each face a unique identity, just as the eyes and nose make each face distinctive and easily recognized.

Eat and Smile Naturally

Your natural teeth were unique in size, shape, arrangement, and in the support they gave your lips and cheeks. The closer we can get the artificial teeth to how your natural teeth were, the more you look and feel like your old self. Our goal in setting your artificial teeth, then, is to put them where the natural teeth were. When we do this, your bite looks and feels natural. You can smile without feeling self-conscious, and you can eat the foods that you like comfortably and normally.

Comfortable Fit, Optimal Chewing

Dr. Barotz uses custom Vitapan™ teeth to craft your Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures. With these Vitapan teeth being used, you will get both a beautifully natural smile and improved chewing function.

Creating your Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

If you look closely at someone with a beautiful smile and straight teeth, you will notice that each tooth is not precisely aligned with its neighbor tooth. Instead, the placement of the teeth varies slightly to create a beautiful and natural smile line.

Dr. Barotz is a Cosmetic Artist who has practiced his craft for over 36 years. He and his team will use every tool and resource available to ensure that your dentures are more than just "fine." He will make sure that they are nothing short of Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Feel Confident with Natural-Looking Dentures

In order to give you a Drop Dead Gorgeous smile, Dr. Barotz will take the time and care to craft your dentures individually, and to make sure that you are happy with the size, shape, color and fit of your new teeth.

As part of our procedures, you can expect that we will:

  • Match the tooth size to the size of your face. Off the shelf teeth could be too large for your face, or too small. Either way, poorly made dentures draw the worst kind of attention because they just don't look right. At Barotz Dental, we make sure that your new teeth fit your face and smile exactly the way you like.
  • We give you choices in tooth shape and color. No one knows your mouth and teeth like you do. For each tooth, you'll have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Whether you want to replicate your old smile or enhance it with your new Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, we'll help you select the smile that is uniquely right for you.
  • We spend the time to get to know you. Your distinct personality should be reflected in your smile. You'll want to look and feel like yourself when you smile, and that's exactly what we want, too.
  • We ask for photos of you before you lost your teeth. It's important to us that when you smile, you look like you. By looking at your photos, we can be sure to match size, shape and placement of your new teeth.
  • We Handset each of your Upper Front Teeth. For most dentures, the teeth are placed in the lab, not by a dentist who can look at you in his office, and who knows your teeth and your smile well. In our downtown Denver office, Dr. Barotz will hand-set each of your upper front teeth for ultimate cosmetics. With Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, your new smile will look and feel natural.
  • When possible, we utilize pre-extraction dental records to aid in tooth placement.
  • We make sure that your dentures are secure. Dr. Barotz and his team are experienced in the most advanced techniques available to secure your dentures so that they feel natural and comfortable.
implant dentures
If you qualify, we can secure your dentures using dental implants or mini-implants, procedures that Dr. Barotz can perform from beginning to end right in our downtown Denver office.

Get a Complimentary Consultation

Come in and see Dr. Barotz for a complimentary consultation and find out exactly how you can recover that beautiful, confident smile. In a complimentary consultation, Dr. Barotz will show you what you could look like with Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

When you come in for your complimentary consultation, you can expect:

  • A thorough smile evaluation;
  • Dr. Barotz to listen to your needs;
  • Fully explain your options;
  • Get all of your questions answered.

To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call us at 3035025523 or click here to request your consultation online.

denture consultation
In a Complimentary Consultation, Dr. Barotz will show you what you could look like with Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures.

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