How Do Sleep Studies Work?

How Do Sleep Studies Work?

Sleep Center

Before sleep apnea can be diagnosed, a sleep study must be completed. In many cases, sleep studies are performed at a special sleep center. When you visit a sleep center for your study, you’ll be given a comfortable room to spend the night in two dozen sensors record your vital signs as you sleep.

Prior to the start of your study, you’ll prepare for bed as you normally would at home, and you’ll have time to relax with a book or with a favorite TV show. When you wake in the morning, your study will be complete.

Once Dr. Barotz has had time to evaluate the results of your study, he can formulate a diagnosis for you and treatment plan for you. If you have questions about our findings or about the plan we recommend, don’t hesitate to let Dr. Barotz know. Everyone at Mile High Sleep Center wants you to have a complete understanding of your needs and the solutions available to you.

Home Sleep Study

While sleep centers have traditionally been the only place to have an official sleep study completed, that’s no longer the case today. Instead of spending the night in an unfamiliar room, you can now complete your study at home, in the comfort of your own bed.

To complete your sleep study at home, you’ll simply need to use the provided machinery as directed. As you sleep, it will evaluate how much oxygen is in your blood while you sleep. A full at-home sleep study may take one to three nights to complete.

When your study is over, you’ll return the machinery you’ve been provided with, and all of your vital information will be downloaded and processed. As with a sleep center study, Dr. Barotz will use all the data collected to make an educated diagnosis and to recommend a personalized treatment plan.