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At Barotz Dental, you will experience an unmatched level of personal attention. You can expect the finest, comprehensive dental care to be delivered in a manner that saves you time and honors the trust you are placing in our hands.

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Yes, we are a dental practice in Denver; however, we do not think of it that way. Every day we embrace the opportunity to help people smile and change lives for the better. From the minute you are welcomed by name into our downtown Denver office, you will see and feel the difference. Everything is professional, yet personal. We incorporate all of the latest technology and offer it in a relaxing, patient-friendly environment. Furthermore, we complete even the most complex treatment plans in about half the time of others. We start by listening to you, understanding your concerns and hearing about your dreams of a confident smile. We end only when the patient is totally satisfied.

Patient-Friendly Technology in Denver, CO

For more than 35 years, Dr. Barotz has been leading the technology revolution within dentistry. He is a best-selling author and has helped thousands of other dentists integrate the latest, proven technology into their practices. In fact, Dr. Barotz takes great pride in his ability to make new materials and equipment a game-changer for his patients. From treating periodontal disease with lasers as opposed to a scalpel to delivering metal-free crowns in a single appointment — everything he does is focused on reducing your number of trips to the dentist and making your next visit a pleasure.

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