Invisalign: A Perfect Option for Working Professionals

Invisalign: A Perfect Option for Working Professionals

Barotz Dental | December 30, 2015

In business, first impressions are crucial. When meeting new acquaintances, nothing makes a better first impression than a bright, beautiful and memorable smile.

Whether you work in a small business setting or a large corporate environment, looking and feeling your best makes all the difference, boosting your self-confidence and chances for success… and that all starts with your smile.
Picture yourself addressing a group of potential clients. Are you happy with your smile right now? Sometimes crooked teeth and alignment issues can lead to dissatisfaction with a smile.

Now picture yourself making that same speech with a mouth full of traditional braces. At Barotz Dental, we understand that a mouth full of metal can have an equally negative effect on your confidence, and that’s where Invisalign and Superfast technology by PROPEL can help.

“The best part is that you can straighten your teeth without anyone ever knowing,” says Dr. Charles Barotz. “If you are giving an important presentation, you won’t have wires and metal showing in your mouth, which can be a distraction for you and your listeners.”

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners – which are virtually invisible in the mouth – to move teeth into their ideal positions. The Superfast technology “fast tracks” the aligner treatment, allowing patients to complete their orthodontic treatment in about half the time it would take otherwise. While it varies by individual, many patients have been able to complete their Invisalign treatment within a year’s time!


Unlike traditional metal and wire braces, Invisalign is nearly impossible to see in someone’s mouth. The aligners are sleek, comfortable and made from smooth plastic complete with rounded edges that conform to your teeth. Customized to your mouth via 3-D computer imaging, the aligners move your teeth to their proper positions over time.
Rather than suffering through years of discomfort and compromised confidence, Invisalign allows you to straighten your smile without anyone noticing.

Superfast technology by PROPEL

Just as the name implies, the Superfast technology by PROPEL can dramatically reduce the length of time needed to wear the Invisalign aligners. For working professionals, this means their orthodontic treatment can often be completed in less than one year.
The Superfast technology works by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth. This helps the teeth move into the right position faster, thus shortening the treatment period.

Barotz Dental
Dr. Charles Barotz fully understands the value of perfectly straight teeth. So much so that he authored the book The Power of a Beautiful Smile: How an Amazing Smile Will Enhance Your Self-Esteem, Career and Health.
At Barotz Dental, we can provide Superfast Invisalign treatment from the start or for Invisalign patients who’ve already begun their treatment. We offer free consultations, so please schedule one with us today to discuss how we can straighten your teeth quickly and quietly, all thanks to Invisalign and Superfast technology by PROPEL.
Your perfect smile could happen in 2016!