Laser Gum and Lip Whitening

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When it comes to crafting an exquisite smile, it’s not all about the teeth! At Barotz Dental, our professional team understands that your lips and gums, which frame your smile, have a major impact on your appearance as well. You may have noticed dark spots on your own gums and lips and did not realize that the discoloration can be corrected. Our doctors have the advanced skill set and technology to address all your cosmetic needs, including a safe, fast and comfortable correction of dark gums and lips.

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What is Gingival Hyper-Pigmentation?

Gingival Hyper-Pigmentation, also known as Discolored Gums, Melanin Hyper-Pigmentation and commonly referred to as Dark or Black Gums, is a condition in which the surfaces of your gums or lips (gingiva) take on a darker, uneven and discolored appearance. This is caused by abnormally high levels of melanin, the natural pigment that dictates the tone and color of your skin. Just like skin, your gums also produce melanin and, in some cases, gums produce an unusually high amount of melanin, leading to dark spots and/or inconsistencies in the color of your gums and lips. In addition to this natural cause of gum and lip discoloration, there are other possible causes:

  • Smoking Tobacco can increase melanin production in the gums, causing discoloration and dark spots

  • Some medical conditions and medications can lead to increased melanin production, causing discoloration and dark spots in some cases

  • Discoloration and spots can develop over time from the presence of metal, such as an amalgam filling. This is often referred to as an amalgam tattoo

  • Can result from severe, untreated periodontal disease

lip hyperpigmentation

Correcting Gingival Hyper-Pigmentation and Discolored Gums & Lips

Many people cope with dark gums because they are unaware of a viable and pleasant treatment option to correct it. Regardless of the cause of your gum discoloration, we offer comprehensive solutions to restoring your dental health and achieving a beautiful smile, including fast and comfortable laser whitening for lips and gums.

What is Laser Gum & Lip Whitening?

Laser Gum Whitening, also known as Laser Gum Depigmentation, is a process by which the doctor uses an advanced, FDA approved dental laser to remove excess pigment from the gums or lips and achieve a more consistent color and appearance. During the procedure, the laser removes the top layer of pigment, leaving the more desirable and natural pink color to show - often times after just one treatment session! Furthermore, when compared with other depigmentation procedures offered in the past, Laser Gum Whitening is much less invasive and involves a much shorter recovery period. Thanks to advanced laser technology, we can quickly and comfortably help you achieve natural, evenly colored lips and gums.

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Don’t let gums and lips get in the way of your beautiful smile and distract from the feature - your teeth! At Barotz Dental, we offer comprehensive cosmetic solutions and free consultations. If you would like to meet our team, see our office, and discuss Laser Gum Whitening with one of our doctors, call today and click here to begin scheduling your complimentary consultation!

View the video below to see a demonstration of the Laser Gum Whitening Treatment in action:

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