Full Arch Dental Implants

Dr. Barotz Talks About Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment

Full Arch Dental Implants in Denver, Colorado

Dr. Charles Barotz has been placing dental implants since 1995, a superiority that has positioned him as a leading expert in implant dentistry by many of his peers. Always on the forefront of advanced techniques in dentistry, Dr. Barotz provides his patients with one of the most dynamic and transforming restorative solution for patients missing all their teeth—full arch dental implants. In the convenience of our office, and under his expert care, patients with failing or edentulous dental conditions can:

  • Restore full confidence in the youthful beauty of their smiles and face

  • Return to the quality of life they once enjoyed with all their natural teeth

  • Reestablish biting and chewing power, especially for tough or sticky foods

  • Improve their oral and overall health naturally with help from dental implants

  • Experience a total transformation in how they look, feel, and function day-to-day

Full Arch Dental Implant Patient Talks About your Transformation

Transforming Smiles with Full Arch Dental Implants

Utilizing the unparalleled health and functional advantages of dental implants, Dr. Barotz can transform your smile with full arch dental implants. He meticulously crafts a custom and complete denture prosthesis that is permanently snapped onto four dental implants secured in your jaw bone. These full arch prosthetic teeth are carefully designed to produce the most natural and aesthetic results, while enhancing the vibrancy characteristic to a full set of healthy teeth. A cosmetic dentist with an eye for artistic detail, Dr. Barotz has spent over three decades perfecting these skills and can provide patients with full arch dental implants that offer the following life-long benefits:

Confidence in a Natural Smile

Full arch dental implants provide natural beauty and unrivaled functional improvements to your smile. Dr. Barotz’s expertise as a Cosmetic Artist ensures that your denture prosthesis not only fits you perfectly, but creates balance and harmony with your facial shape, skin tone, and unique personality. With all these considerations in place, you will receive a new smile that revives confidence in yourself and dramatically improves your personal wellbeing.

Comfort and Stability

Full arch dental implants are the ultimate in comfort and security, as the dental implants keep the denture prosthesis stabilized above the gums, eliminating rubbing and irritation caused by wearing traditional dentures. Your denture prosthesis will not budge when you eat the foods you love, laugh and talk, or while completing any other activity you enjoy.

Superior Long-Term Durability and Strength

Dr. Barotz uses the finest quality materials, both for dental implants and the denture prosthesis. This not only ensures the greatest natural enhancements to your smile, but significantly improves the longevity of your full arch dental implants, even with everyday wear and tear from biting and chewing. With the proper care, full arch dental implants can easily last your lifetime!